Samstag, 27. März 2010

Help for new start in Canada

Till this day, the civil services and their employees keep the opinion, that their actions were all juristic and morally right, even how they have treated my children. They remain saying that no mistakes were done. This includes that they don’t want to pay pecuniary reparation for the suffered damage.

My suggestion to support me by my departure to Canada, where I was born, for spending my last years humanely, will not be accepted, either. In Switzerland, I will not be given a future.

Till this day, none office of the civil services claims to be responsible and the data chaos, mentioned many times in my blog, still occurs.

I am looking for people which would help me resp. us for a new start in Canada.
I think such a non-professionalism of the civil service, which I experienced here in Switzerland, wouldn’t be possible in Canada.

You can contact me via namensaenderung(at)yahoo(dot)de, while replacing (at) with @ and (dot) with a . (this is a spam protection). Of course I will send to all people or institutions, which could help me the necessary documents or the document which will be desired.